Data Quality and Assurance
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Technical Data Quality and Assurance

Underpinning the continuing airworthiness of aircraft - an in-depth review and assurance of the quality of engineering and usage data

A recent Ministry of Defence investigation into data quality concluded that an additional £22M was added to a program because of poor data. Additionally, from an engineering perspective, the Independent Queen's Council's review into the loss of Nimrod XV230 (Crown Copyright), highlighted that "The methodology, quality, and depth of data collection and analysis across the air domain is, however, variable and inconsistent and, in some cases, inadequate."

The Challenge

To provide Senior Responsible Managers with the assurance that asset condition and management information being collected and processed is an appropriate standard and/or shortfalls are identified, assessed and rectified, thereby demonstrating compliance with the Industry's regulatory requirements to facilitate effective and efficient through life management.


LSC Group's Technical Data Assurance Capability (TDAC): an independent team of engineers, with extensive engineering and asset management system, and technical data exploitation competence to undertake the assessment of the technical information and source data.

Customer Benefits

Embedded assurance activity that dovetails with any regulatory framework and complements the customer's existing processes, delivering compliance evidence, risk reduction and improvements that help manage strategic and operational capability in support of the project.

Specific benefits include;

  • Independent Assurance Evidence. Auditable, repeatable and targeted processes that provide independent assurance through evidence presented via a ‘drillable' dashboard for technical data sets
  • Review activities that dovetail with existing Process and Quality Audit activities as well as identification and quantification of data risks present within the data and information sets
  • Assurance activities that directly support mandated safety and regulatory activities for individual assets and systems
    Identification of any data quality and process issues and the associated resolution activities assures the data's fitness for use in data exploitation and continuing capability and asset sustainment activities
  • Provides a coherent view of the deployment and pan-organisation use of asset management systems
  • Root cause identification and an assessment of the organisation's attitude through the LSC developed Data Quality Assessment Tool (DQAT) to provide assurance that policy and processes are understood by users
  • The use of a dedicated SQEP team maintains continuity and focus, enabling the Organisation to maintain the ‘decider' role and focus on their activities
  • Through Life Asset Optimisation. The evidence provides direct assurance for data being exported to other organisation or processes including asset and maintenance optimisation or Life Extension activities and provides an increased value for assets undergoing disposal