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Submarine Operating Centre SharePoint Technology

Improving Collaboration across the Submarine Operating Centre using SharePoint Technology

The Submarine Operating Centre, in preparation for the advent of Microsoft Office SharePoint Services being rolled out across the MOD, is looking to harmonise its Information Management activity throughout the Submarine Enterprise.

The Challenge

The Operating Centre comprises a number of Project Teams collectively responsible for ensuring availability, capability and seaworthiness of current and future fleets.  With increasingly disparate systems and processes across geographically dispersed sites, better information management was high on the agenda.

With the impending release of Microsoft Office SharePoint Services, an initiative driven by MOD as part of their DII Programme, the team identified this as a timely opportunity to review their current and future information sharing practices alongside its technology requirements. 

The Approach

LSC Group, contracted through its Babcock parent, used both Business Analysis and Technology specialists to identify and explore the potential benefits of improved information sharing, storing and retrieval all within a secure environment.

The SharePoint system, already being rolled out through the DII Programme, is seen as a key way of achieving the aim of improved information management. The results of the Business Analysis activity will help the team tailor its SharePoint requirement – identifying an optimum technology solution based on business need.

Intended Benefits

Still in its infancy, the SharePoint technology solution, when implemented, will give the Submarine Operating Centre a system for managing Submarine information efficiently and effectively through-life. This will help to support through-life platform availability and capability management.  

• Specific benefits could include:
• Greater visibility and access to key information in support of the fleet
• Improved control and through-life management of documents
• Providing a platform for improving wider stakeholder communications and sharing best practice

Future Developments

The Submarine Operating Centre is looking to meet a key principle of the DE&S Future Operating Model, driving out overlap and inefficiency supported by effective Management Information and Knowledge Management systems.

The partnering of the SharePoint solution and the corporate Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) solution will allow the Submarine Operating Centre to build a centralised system that will control all key information in support of the fleet, whilst maintaining autonomy across the various operations.