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QEC Technical Documentation

Delivering S1000D standard Technical Documentation to the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA)to support the Queen Elizabeth Class when in-service

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) is a unique partnering relationship between industry (Babcock, BAE Systems and Thales UK) and the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and is responsible for delivering the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC), soon to be the biggest and most powerful surface warship ever constructed, to the Royal Navy.

The Challenge

The first aircraft carrier will be handed over to the MOD later in this decade. With a number of systems, sub-systems and equipment on-board, the development of effective technical documentation to support the safe and accurate use of equipment is critical to maintaining the ongoing safety and availability of these assets.


A team of technical documentation specialists; comprising authors, illustrators and project managers, working closely with key stakeholders - including OEMs, Design Authority and maintainers of equipment - to produce a comprehensive set of technical documentation built on S1000D principles.

Customer Benefits

With significant experience in the delivery of technical documentation to a number of platforms, and for a range of systems, sub-systems and equipment, LSC Group has delivered a number of benefits to the ACA in support of QEC:

  • Flexible and modular approach to technical documentation
  • Delivered in accordance with S1000D standards, building on previous experience of its application
  • Greater re-use of modular information - "create once, use many times", elimination of duplicated information
  • Improved safety through single source data - easy to update and reflect changes to associated documents
  • Faster and flexible output delivery (Hardcopy, PDF or IETP)
  • Approved Trilogi builders - One of a limited number of UK companies for MOD mandated Trilogi Viewer

The Outcome

LSC Group will be working with the ACA to deliver technical documentation support until 2015 and beyond. Building on S1000D principles, LSC Group has developed an interactive technical documentation solution that delivers even greater re-use of common source data - delivering a more efficient and automated method for producing documentation. LSC Group is continuing to work with S1000D principles to support other Land, Air, Sea and Commercial platforms.