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QEC Reliability Centred Maintenance

Developing a support programme for the Queen Elizabeth Class to deliver through-life maintenance when in service

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) is a unique partnering relationship between industry (Babcock, BAE Systems and Thales UK) and the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and is responsible for delivering the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC), soon to be the the biggest and most powerful surface warship ever constructed, to the Royal Navy.

The Challenge

The first aircraft carrier will be handed over to the MOD later in this decade. In delivering the carrier, a comprehensive support programme needs to be established, detailing the range of activities that have to be undertaken to ensure the ships availability when in-service.


Embedding a Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) specialist to deliver a programme of RCM studies that would form a critical part of the overarching through-life support programme for the ship as it is brought into service. These studies ensure the platform is sustainable through-life, identifying key tasks and sparing requirements. Essentially establishing an auditable, defensible and optimum preventative maintenance regime, whilst ensuring maximum safety and availability of equipment.

Customer Benefits

LSC Group contributed to the delivery of a structured programme for ensuring reliability of assets - delivering maximum operational availability, safely. Specific benefits include:

  • Working as part of an embedded team, delivering a truly partnered approach to RCM
  • Establishing optimum maintenance schedules that achieve maximum availability of equipment or assets
  • Establishing the first RCM based maintenance schedule since equipment being in use
  • Analyses provides critical information to feed into sparing decision making - helping to optimise the scale and range of spares

The Outcome

LSC Group will continue to deliver RCM support to the platform as it progresses through Build phase. The team will look to establish a foundation for maintenance activities to ensure availability when the platform is brought into service. Used as a framework for managing the platform through-life, this should be iteratively developed as the programme progresses and as the ship moves into service.