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Log NEC - improving governance of projects

Helping to improve the governance of projects across the Log NEC programme

The MOD Log NEC Programme is charged with the transformation of the current complex web of processes and systems into a streamlined, optimised, agile and effective ‘end to end’ logistics support chain, fully integrated with the front line and industry.

The Challenge

With a very broad inventory of logistic information systems to manage, the Programme realised that maintaining good governance and sound financial accounting was critical to its success.

Being responsible for multiple projects and budgets, the team required a means of managing its processes and understanding its financial commitments so that it could move quickly and effectively. The challenge was to bring the Project, with its extended UK geographical footprint, into a unified set of processes.


LSC Group worked with the Log NEC Programme to implement a Governance and Financial Management capability – the Commitment Management System (CMS) – in 2007.  More recently, work has been accomplished to provide the Programme with an updated suite of processes that extend across the core functions of the Programme Management Group. 

Customer Benefits

The Log NEC Programme is now reaping significant benefits from the implementation of CMS.

CMS brings all parties within the Programme, currently some 150+ users, together onto a single collaborative application in which all information can be shared irrespective of geographical location.

These include:

  • Greater consistency, and continuous improvement, of processes.
  • Decision making aided by more timely and accurate information.
  • Improved visibility of financial obligations, leading to effective allocation of resources.
  • Individual accountability for progression of work.
  • Field-level auditability of the detail within individual work items.

The Outcome 

Following initial deployment, CMS has greatly benefited the control of the current Logistics Information Systems  managed by  the Log NEC Programme.

The CMS application now, not only supports the Programme’s financial management, but also delivers the core functionality on which all Programme work is progressed to approval.  CMS now drives the governance process for a number of key activities including Change Requests, External Governance, Policy Change and Support Solutions Envelope, Key Support Area 4. 

LSC Group is proud to support the Log NEC Programme with CMS as it delivers its transformational role within the MOD.