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Japanese Earthquake Response (JER) Programme

Underpinning the continuing airworthiness of aircraft - an in-depth review and assurance of the quality of engineering and usage data

The accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan in March 2011 is one of only a few serious nuclear accidents in the history of the global nuclear industry. The focus of nuclear operators worldwide, and at EDF Energy, continues to be on safety as the nuclear industry emerged from this tragedy with an even stronger commitment to nuclear safety. The Japanese Earthquake Response (JER) programme, set-up after the latest nuclear accident in Japan, has a unique safety focus at a level not explored before; to enhance the safety margins of the EDF Energy's entire fleet to protect against those unpredictable, extreme, ‘beyond design basis' events.

The Challenge

To implement a coherent, individual power station specific, set of resilience defences, deployable Back-Up Equipment (BUE) and emergency arrangements to support beyond design basis arrangements at Nuclear Power stations.


Through a diverse supply chain, including the LSC Group, our solution provides critical engineering support to define, specify and contract for BUE that would enhance current emergency arrangements.

Customer Benefits

LSC Group supported EDF in achieving a number of essential aspects of the JER Programme:

  • Supported EDF in development of a flexible, transportable and timely emergency response capability utilising BUE.
  • Delivery of an off-site deployment model that supports effective emergency response
  • Specification and delivery of an optimised, new vehicle fleet capability
  • Supporting the procurement and integration of equipment at systems level for all BUE
  • Supported EDF in defining the initial TLMP contract requirement, ensuring that the contract would cover the necessary services for enhanced beyond-design-basis events
  • Development and delivery of logistic support and sustainment arrangements
  • Providing support to Programme Risk Management activities