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Hercules Collaborative Working and Financial Management

Improving Collaborative Working and Financial Management for The Hercules and TriStar fleet

The Hercules TriStar Project Team (PT) is responsible for the management and support of all Hercules and TriStar aircraft along with Airborne Delivery equipment.

The Challenge

With increasingly dispersed supply chains, and ever changing demands on the fleet, the Hercules TriStar PT and its stakeholder community recognised the need for better, more efficient means of communication. The team specifically required greater visibility of key fleet data and its financial position at any given time.


LSC Group has worked with the Hercules TriStar PT since 2002, initially tasked with undertaking a feasibility study, the results of which led to the implementation of a Collaborative Working Environment (CWE). A continually evolving toolset, LSC Group has implemented a suite of technology delivered tools to assist with a number of key business applications including fleet planning, financial management, eTLMP and Release to Service (RTS).

Customer Benefits

The CWE has become a key part of the operation of the PT and is now deemed to be a business critical system. LSC Group has provided a number of systems to the Hercules PT, enhancing it’s overall business effectiveness and achieving a number of business benefits:

• CWE links all parties involved in the Hercules TriStar PT programmes, currently some 200 users – creating a truly collaborative environment.
• Commitment Monitoring System (CMS) provides real time reconciliation of funding, enabling the PT to track, manage and report and providing them with total visibility of the financial obligations for the next 25 years.
• eTLMP conversion of 7 TLMPs into a single eTLMP, providing the PT with a portal into the daily management of the tactical airlift capability.
• QUIC provides a fully workflowed task management system which improves the flow and visibility of tasking between the PT and QinetiQ.
• RTS tool allows the PT to create airworthy critical documentation consistently, with content that is fully version controlled and auditable.

The Outcome

Since the early success of the CMS tool, LSC has gone on to work with the PT to deliver a whole suite of applications uniting the PT and its stakeholder community.  Most recently, LSC Group has delivered a Fleet Planning tool which will be used for both Hercules and TriStar fleets, a Release To Service (RTS) application supporting the complex documentation needed for the Hercules, and a web conversion of an existing Access DB application which allows the local management of incidents, modifications, technical instructions and other information relating to Airborne Delivery and Airborne Forces Equipment. This solution provides a comprehensive toolkit to assist the PT with their ongoing programme and fleet management activities.