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Delivering leading Outage Planning Services for EDF Energy at Hinkley Point

EDF Energy is one of the UK's largest energy providers, generating around one fifth of the UK's electricity and supplying some 5.5 million customers. To ensure the safe and effective operation of its nuclear generators, EDF Energy undertakes a strict maintenance regime. This outage process is a long and complex one, hugely demanding in both time and resources, and each day of overrun represents lost revenue.


EDF Energy had used specialist contract agency staff to deliver outage support; however this engagement had led to inconsistency in the delivery of outage planning capability. Facing a busy schedule, the team recognised that they required a resourcing model that allowed them to train and build outage planning experience that could be retained.


LSC Group was contracted to provide critical engineering planning support services to EDF Energy and, through discussions with the customer, recommended planning consultants be selected from a graduate pool - offering greater opportunity for longer term career development. The planners were to provide support to the Outage programme, helping with the management and coordination of equipment and plans critical to its successful delivery.


Potentially running savings into millions of pounds, the LSC Group specialists have provided significant value since their introduction to Hinkley, and are continuing to deliver exceptional support across a range of Outage and related activities:

  • Robust and flexible resourcing model
  • Improved knowledge retention providing longevity to the Outage Team
  • Significant process improvements across a breadth of Outage related activities, driving efficiencies in term of cost and timeImproved visibility of key performance information, enabling improved decision making
  • Creation of a well functioning and sustained team dynamic

The Outcome

LSC Group has established an enviable track record in delivering outage support services at Hinkley Point.

With some outage planners occupying senior roles, LSC Group has gone on to deliver a number of additional planners to the Hinkley site. Similarly some of these planners have been deployed to other sites to offer expertise and support to local outage planning activity.