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Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure (ECIT) Supply Chain

Transforming Supply Chain Management activities for UK MOD Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure Team

The Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure Team (ECIT) is responsible for delivering the infrastructure required to support operational activity – including operational accommodation (tented camps, aircraft shelters), field hospitals and force protection material.

The Challenge

The Team is required to be flexible and respond quickly to Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs). With growing operational demands, the ECIT recognised that equipments was often placed into theatre without sufficient support solutions. This was having a detrimental effect on further supply chain activities, in particular the ongoing repair and upkeep of equipment in theatre.


The ECIT identified an initial requirement for an Inventory Manager to deliver process improvement specifically around the business critical Repair Loop process.

After demonstrating some immediate improvements, LSC Group embedded a team of independent supply chain specialists with unique experience in Inventory, Risk and Codification Management to assist in the identification, development and implementation of improved business processes.

Customer Benefits

With a team of specialists embedded within the ECIT, significant improvements have been made to the support solution for equipments in theatre. Further improvements have been made to a number of business critical supply chain processes, leading to the following key benefits:

• Significant cost savings from improved codification practice and reduction in unnecessary procurement.
• Improved relations with equipment suppliers and wider stakeholders.
• Greater visibility of assets and process leading to improved supply chain planning activities.
• Improved data quality – aiding better, more informed decision making.
• Greater visibility of future requirements and business drivers.

The Outcome

Being integrated within the ECIT, the team of specialists have provided the ECIT with sustainable processes and models, and working together  have embedded a culture of best practice and better working behaviours.

Looking ahead, the ECIT is to focus on the implementation of an Output Improvement Plan. In line with the Strategic Defence Support Review (SDSR), this plan is to target a reduction in supplier contracts whilst as a minimum maintaining operational output – essentially aiming to do more for less.