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Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure (ECIT) Risk Management

Using Risk Management in support of investment decisions at the UK MOD Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure Team (ECIT)

The Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure Team (ECIT) is responsible for delivering the infrastructure required to support operational activity – including operational accommodation (tented camps, aircraft shelters), field hospitals and force protection material.

The Challenge

A shift in procurement demands on the team, moving away from Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR) towards core programmes, resulted in changes to their procurement processes and supporting governance. These changes demanded more structured business cases under stricter budgetary constraints and the team found themselves increasingly unable to produce the necessary information to support investment decisions.


Implementation of a team of specialists to provide a structured approach to managing this transformation to core programmes. Built on a risk based approach to decision making, the LSC Group team implemented a risk management process to help to facilitate the team in managing procurement initiatives.

Customer Benefits

LSC Group offered considerable working knowledge of the ECIT, providing a bespoke, tailored solution in support of a risk based approach to procurement. This approach has led to the following benefits:

• A scalable, robust and sustainable risk management approach embedded within the team
• Greater visibility of risks, costs and other associated drivers in the delivery of procurement initiatives
• Improved business case production enabling more timely investment decisions
• Greater allocation of resource leading to optimal investment decisions
• Improved communication across projects and stakeholders: greater awareness and buy in amongst all stakeholders


With Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR) continuing to be demanded, the ECIT are reviewing the applicability of a risk based approach in the delivery of such requirements.

LSC Group has undertaken an exploratory exercise to produce a flexible, scaled down ‘lite’ version of the Risk process in support of UOR delivery.