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ECIT Programme Management

Supporting the Transformation of Portfolio and Programme Management at the UK MOD Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure Team (ECIT)

The Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure Team (ECIT) is responsible for delivering the infrastructure required to support operational activity – including operational accommodation (both domestic (tented camps) and technical (aircraft shelters)), field hospitals, staff working environment, force protection material, general service tentage and surface expedients.


The team, with growing requirements to deliver an increased variety of capability with fewer resources, also faced increased scrutiny from the Land Equipment Operating Centre (LEOC). The LEOC oversee the delivery of capability in line with agreed budgets and Land Equipment Strategic Capability plans. Inconsistent use of language, systems and planning activity was causing a degree of confusion and misinterpretation during capability delivery. There was a need to improve key processes linked to Programme and Portfolio Management activities in support of capability delivery.


LSC Group, with previous experience of working with ECIT on change improvement projects, was chosen to support the team. Offering considerable working knowledge of the ECIT and its equipment, an LSC Group specialist was quickly embedded within the team to support the development and implementation of Programme and Equipment Plans, whilst championing the use of key technologies to optimise resource decisions.


Supporting the transformation activities, the LSC Group specialist has been able to position the ECIT positively in line with LEOC policy — delivering a number of business benefits:

  • Alignment of ECIT strategic Portfolio and Programme Plans with tactical Equipment Project Plans
  • Greater visibility of resource commitments throughout the chain of command (ECIT and LEOC), improving the ability to make optimised investment and resource decisions at both the local and strategic level
  • Greater flexibility to respond to changing demands, mitigating risk and understanding critical paths
  • Sustainable processes embedded within the team enabling them to independently deliver future plans
  • Process of knowledge transfer supported by period of assurance ensuring team wide understanding and capability

The Outcome

With continued transformation activities underway across the Land environment, the ECIT continues to deliver improvements in support of capability delivery.

Greater understanding of the LEOC Strategic Plans, and ensuring alignment with the individual equipment and programmes plans, remains a high priority.