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DS&TE Follow On

Delivering a more intelligent commercial solution at the UK MOD Deployable Support & Test Equipment Team (DS&TE)

The Deployable Support & Test Equipment Team (DS&TE) primary role is to provide and support deployable workshops, hand held and workshop tools measurement and test equipment in order to support current and future operations.

The Challenge

DS&TE, facing increasing staff shortages and growing inefficiencies in service delivery, commissioned an exploratory study, completed by LSC Group, to identify areas to help transform service delivery. The initial study found that DS&TE were responsible for delivering a growing breadth of equipment creating significant issues in sourcing, procuring, storing and maintaining items. It recommended a number of improvements that could be made to transform Service Delivery.

DS&TE identified the Warehouse Handling Equipment (WHE) area as best placed to implement a pilot study for some of the proposed recommendations - helping to illustrate in real terms the likely business benefit of a DS&TE wide solution.


LSC Group embedded a small team within WHE to deliver improvements. Their focus was to review all current equipment acquisition and support requirement processes, looking at equipment requirements and the commercial and contracting arrangements. The LSC Group specialists provided recommendations for improvements to the way in which the team managed its equipment, and more importantly how they could more effectively handle user requests. This led to the production of a detailed business case for change, proposing a move from transactional to service based procurement through the implementation of a Service Provision solution.

Customer Benefits

The business case is seen as a catalyst for improvements in service delivery, by proposing changes to the commercial and contracting strategies. These benefits
would include:

  • Reduction in the number of contracts
  • Standardisation of range and type of equipment supplied
  • Single point of contact for service provision leading to a reduction in resource requirement to let and manage contracting arrangements
  • Economies of scale achieved through single source suppliers for commodity items
  • Reduction in stock holding through on demand fulfilment
  • Reduction in time taken to satisfy user requests
  • Improved service delivery

WHE will continue to progress the business case through the MOD approvals process.

LSC Group will continue to engage with DS&TE to progress some of these improvements into other commodities within the team.