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Defence Information Infrastructure Future

Supporting the development of the Defence Information Infrastructure (Future) (DII(F)) Programme support solution

In March 2005, the UK MOD Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) programme sat at the heart of the Defence Change Programme (DCP). Its aim was to link more than 300,000 users at 2,000 locations across the UK and at deployed headquarters worldwide, providing a managed computing infrastructure and service that will enable the sharing of information and collaborative working.

The Challenge

To enable the MOD and ATLAS, its Industry partners, to achieve an availability based contract that would deliver an affordable support solution, representing value for money, in support of the Defence Information Infrastructure (Future) (DII)(F).


Embedding a team of independent support specialists; experienced in developing Defence Standard 00-60 Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) solutions to assist in the development and transition to an availability based support solution that is comprehensive, coherent and achieves maximum value for money.

Customer Benefits

Working in partnership with the MOD and ATLAS, to support the delivery of a robust support solution for the deployment of DII programme equipment. Providing immediate impact in support of the ATLAS partnership during an extremely busy period, whilst providing ‘independent' assurance and scrutiny throughout the programme.

Having been embedded within both the ATLAS consortia and the UK MOD Project Team, LSC Group provided an independent role during the development of the ILS support plans and the assurance and scrutiny of the support solution before deployment.

LSC Group were able to use their previous ATLAS experience and contacts to foster an effective joint working relationship to drive the programme to meet the schedule, assure the quality of the developing support and also advise the PT on strategies to reduce potential risks to the programme and subsequent cost overruns.

Prior to completion of their contract with the PT LSC Group were instrumental in completing a successful Logistic Demonstration on the DII(FD) equipment to the original schedule. This demonstration provided assurance that all elements of the support package were available and sustainable for the fielded equipment. This included suitable technical publications, tools and test equipment and spare parts. This was a significant stage, indeed the final step before deployment of the equipment.

The Outcome

With the Logistic demonstration a success, confidence was given to both the ILS plans and the overarching support solution developed. Subsequently, the equipment was able to be deployed and the programme delivered.