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Centrica Storage Reliability Modelling

Providing advanced reliability modelling to support an ageing plant at Centrica Storage

Centrica Storage Limited operates the Rough gas storage facility onshore gas processing terminal in East Yorkshire. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centrica plc, an integrated energy company which also includes British Gas, Centrica Energy, Centrica Storage and Direct Energy. Operating in 7 countries, Centrica works both upstream - source, generation, process, trade and store - and downstream - supplying gas and electricity to millions of homes.

The Challenge

With ageing equipment and an expected increase in demand for its services, Centrica Storage required greater confidence in the availability and capability of its equipment to supply gas. They needed to improve the way they predicted age related failures, reflected any likely failures in scheduling and maintenance plans, and built preventative maintenance schedules to ensure optimum availability of equipment.


LSC Group embedded a specialist within the Centrica Storage team to develop a modelling capability that would allow Centrica Storage employees to deliver a comprehensive reliability model. The model presented the relationships between reliability, maintenance and sparing of their equipment and allowed powerful scenario testing against demand.

Customer Benefits

The advanced reliability model developed by LSC Group allowed Centrica Storage to better understand the dependencies between the key factors affecting the reliability of the plant and its related equipment.

Specific benefits included:

  • Greater visibility of predicted demand and the associated reliability, maintenance and sparing across the plant
  • Powerful ‘what-if' scenario capability - allowing an analysis of changes to either of the 3 core factors influencing plant availability
  • Source of information to support decision making relating to the plant
  • Ability to better optimise maintenance and spares programmes
  • Opportunity to reduce time and cost of undertaking less optimum maintenance activity

The Outcome

Understanding the relationships and trends associated with the plant (reliability, maintenance and sparing)and the impact of a change in demand would allow Centrica Storage to make more informed decisions as to how they better manage their ageing equipment. The model would help to develop an optimum maintenance and sparing solution to ensure equipment availability.