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Attack Helicopter Support Programme

Transforming the Support Programme for UK Apache Attack Helicopter

The Integrated Operation Support (IOS) contract for UK Apache AH Mk1 went live in 2010. This contract represented a major stepping stone towards the MOD’s stated aim of transforming the support of major platform from a traditional in-house model to an incentivised industry led model.

The Challenge

To enable the MOD and its Industry partners to achieve an availability based contract that would deliver an affordable support solution, representing value for money, in support of the Apache fleet.

This contract targeted a specific number of flying hours and aircraft availability from the Apache fleet through the provision of fleet wide technical support services right up to the front line including deployments in Afghanistan.


Embedding a team of independent support specialists to assist in the transition to an availability based support solution programme that is comprehensive, coherent and achieves maximum value for money.

Customer Benefits

A robust future support solution for the UK Apache fleet that is both affordable and value for money with a quantifiable and manageable level of risk. The Value for Money (VfM) benchmark used during the process has since been formally recognised as best practice across the Rotary environment.

The Outcome

From the experience gained on the Apache UK project LSC Group has developed a unique skill set in the area of contracting for support.

The Value for Money (VfM) benchmark used throughout the process has since been recognised as best practice across the Rotary Wing environment.