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Attack Helicopter Logistic Support

Designing a comprehensive and cost effective logistic support solution for UK Apache Attack Helicopter

The UK Apache was contracted by UK MOD as its first purpose built attack helicopter and is considered the most significant and deadly weapon system to enter service since the main battle tank.

The Challenge

The final Apache helicopter system was complex in nature, with an array of passive and active sensors and state of the art radar. The supply chain was equally complex, with suppliers in both Europe and North America. With these programme complexities, coupled with an ambitious 4 year entry into service timescale, the MOD project team needed the ability to make timely and informed support decisions and secure appropriate funding.


LSC Group’s independent team of support specialists were chosen to provide expertise in a number of aspects of support solution definition and design. This centred on the production of an integrated decision support modelling environment that covered critical logistic support elements and took into account key performance and cost relationships.

Customer Benefits

The UK Apache was delivered in-service on time, with all the necessary logistic support elements in place. LSC Group’s contribution to the fielding of the UK Apache programme, through the delivery of support modelling and decision support services, was critical to the successful and timely delivery of the UK Apache capability.

A targeted 20 per cent saving through life resulting from targeted equipment upgrades and an optimised maintenance policy was achieved – delivering fleet availability at minimum cost.


LSC Group’s approach to this programme paved the way for further transformation and process improvement.

With rotary wing platforms already moving towards output based, incentivised support contracts under the Integrated Operational Support (IOS) framework, LSC Group provided support to the UK Apache team in transforming its contracting arrangements for the fleet under the IOS change programme.