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Air Commodities Team

Transforming business performance at the UK MOD Air Commodities Team (ACT)

The UK MOD Air Commodities Team (ACT) is responsible for delivering a wide range of key equipments and services to the front-line, including ongoing overseas operations. They procure and support a diverse range of general purpose Group Support Equipment (GSE), Airfield Vehicles, Armament GSE (AGSE), and ancillary ground support equipment and facilities used across all front line units.

The Challenge

Undertaking a process of transformation to meet the goals of business modernisation, ACT identified a series of process improvements to deliver a leaner, more responsive support organisation.

Facing resource challenges and with processes in need of a refresh, the team recognised that it needed to improve its Inventory Management processes and resources, whilst undertaking a series of Change Management activities to support continued business transformation.


LSC Group, embedded a team of suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP) to introduce a variety of tools and techniques to help improve the transformation and change management process.

Customer Benefits

Laying the foundation for future transformation activities within ACT, LSC Group delivered a number of key benefits including:

  • Production of a future proof inventory management plan
  • Development of an inventory forecasting tool to help better manage current and future inventory requirements - up to 10 years ahead
  • Enabling ‘what-if' scenario testing of options based on operational commitments and platform demands
  • Development of a Performance Management Dashboard delivering greater visibility of ACT and supplier performance
  • Delivered Change Management initiatives - ensuring effective knowledge transfer and adequate training delivery leading to self sustainable inventory

The Outcome

Having provided ACT with a foundation for future transformation, LSC Group is now working closely with the Air Support Operating Centre to look at how these can be rolled out to all teams within the operating centre.