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At LSC Group we respect your right to privacy.

Information you submit via the forms on the LSC Group Web site is used for the purposes of servicing the requests for information which prompted the use of the form. LSC Group does not sell, or otherwise provide your information, for multiple mailing or marketing purposes.

Visitors to the LSC Group Web site are tracked throughout portions of the site through the use of standard data-logging files constructed by the server. The information gained from these data-logging files is used purely in the statistical analysis of site effectiveness and efficiency. If, as a visitor to the LSC Group Web site, you do not wish your IP address, browser type, or the pages you visit tracked, do not visit the Web site

Only one cookie is set/read by the LSC Group Web site, this being used to determine which browser is being used and to act accordingly. This cookie persists for a maximum of 1 (one) day. You may disable cookies on your web browser; however, some of the Web site functions may not function correctly if you are using an incompatible browser.

  1. What information this site gathers/tracks about you.
    • The only personal information gathered is that which you supply via one of the forms within this Web site.
    • Additional information captured to data-logging files by the server include date, time, IP address, and browser type. None of these data can be used to identify you as an individual.
  2. What this site does with the information it gathers/tracks.
    • Personal information submitted via form is used to provide visitors of LSC Group's Web site with such marketing and contact information about the services, products, business, company, or organisation of LSC Group as is expressly requested on the form.
    • Additional information captured to data-logging files by the server is used for maintenance of the Web site, and to collect demographics relating to who uses the LSC Group Web site so that the content may be improved and tailored to the needs of the users.
    • Web browser information gained by cookies is used to ensure that LSC Group web pages are compatible with the type browsers used to view its pages.
  3. With whom this site shares the information it gathers/tracks.
    • NO information gained by visits to the LSC Group Web site is sold, leased, loaned or otherwise made available to any person or persons outside of LSC Group itself. Further, such information is made available only to those LSC Group personnel with an imperative need for that information.
    • Date, time, and visitor IP address information is not released to anyone for any purpose.
  4. This site's opt-out policy.
    • If you do not wish your e-mail address or other personal information to be known, either do not use the on-line information request forms or leave sensitive areas blank when filling the form. Bear in mind, however, that a certain minimum information is required to expedite information requests.
    • When you visit the LSC Group Web site, date, time, IP address, and browser type information is automatically captured to data-logging files by the server. This function may not be bypassed. If you do not desire this information to be captured, do not visit the LSC Group Web site.

This privacy policy only covers the LSC Group Web site at Other links within this site to other Web sites are not covered by this policy.