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Interactive Presentation Environments

Whether you have invested in an existing presentation, telepresence, videoconferencing or Audio Visual (AV) capability, or already have a room where you present and engage with customers, partners and colleagues - with greater demands for innovation and impact in the representation of your products and services, businesses are looking for the next generation technologies that show true innovation.

Mezzanine provides a world class presentation facility, and shows your company as a true innovator. A fantastic facility for meetings; teams, suppliers and clients to be truly engaged, the experience and competitive advantage becomes very clear, very quickly.

Presenting using Mezzanine creates a real impact to the audience, the room is filled with displays, providing a truly immersive experience for participants, add to that the multi-user gesture control, where it's no longer about a laptop, projector, keyboard and mouse; everyone in the room can take part; it positions you at the cutting edge, a real differentiator.

It can make a difference to a multi million pound bid or a presentation to an analyst - the added value of this technology should not be underestimated. Participants can engage in meetings and presentations simultaneously, from within the room, via the internet or through video conference, and they can interact with the device of their choice (iPad, iPhone, android phone, laptop, pc or even the traditional whiteboard).

Mezzanine also allows reach through control to existing applications or any computer connected to the system, whether in the room, on your network, or on the other side of the world; allowing you to interact with applications for demonstration, or to carry out work during the meeting.

As meetings and presentations take place any of the participants involved are able to grab screen or whiteboard content, storing for future reference, or to take away with them for follow on work. Snapshot will capture screen images, and the HD Camera positioned on the whiteboard will bring the physical content into the system.

Summary of Mezzanine features 

  • Masses of HD screen real estate
  • HD video conference facility
  • Unparalleled multi-user, multi-device support
  • Reach Through control to connected devices
  • Whiteboard capture
  • External access and control
  • Whiteboard capture

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