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Data Visualisation

Working with big data can be complex, but is equally seen as an opportunity for businesses to create competitive advantage. We have all suffered from a lack of information to inform a decision, and equally an information overload that can cloud judgement. It's the information you hold, the way you access it, and its role in decision making that can set you apart from your competitors.

The Sluice Appliance offers a unique toolset for the consumption, visualisation and exploitation of this big data, providing a full picture of any given situation to decision makers in real time. Sluice is able to process and visualise masses of data; surfacing information across multiple displays; and allowing full control over how information is represented, the system can be tailored to the needs of the user.

Featuring powerful integration with multiple information sources, digital devices, data and tools; this environment allows the audience to stand back and truly see the big picture and efficiently meet the challenge of big data visualisation, before taking control via hand gesture interaction to zoom into specific information, add further layers of data, or drill into existing reporting applications to reveal the detail.

After establishing a 'space' to visualise the data, information can be mapped for presentation in real time; allow replay of events that have already taken place as well as a powerful interrogation capability that allows the user to identify patterns and trends previously impossible through traditional silos of data and knowledge.

Harnessing big data is more than implementing a sophisticated IT system. It's about a solution that captures relevant content; works with your data store, allowing data sources to be interrogated smoothly, efficiently and collaboratively; and that is scalable to ensure your big data works for you now and in the future.

With experience of handling large scale data, we have the tools and knowledge to harness big data - collaboratively and securely - ensuring seamless integration of various data sources into one single view.

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