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Supply Chain Management

Managing the end to end supply chain is critical to your business. Working with complex assets, often geographically spread with different support requirements can be extremely challenging.

We are experienced in delivering supply chain management solutions that ensure you can effectively maintain and support your assets through-life. Combining logistic support principles we are helping to transform supply chains for a number of Defence and Energy customers. Our experience includes:

  • Process and Governance
  • Inventory Management and Inventory Optimisation
  • Specialisation of Equipment Audit in the field (CONDO personnel)
  • CONDO (Contractors on Deployed Operations) personnel
  • Process improvements to ensure ability to demonstrate proof of good order
  • Repair Loop Management
  • Spares and Maintenance (combined with Modelling and Simulation)
  • Asset and Fleet Optimisation
  • Codification and Service Management
  • Joint Supply Chain Management
  • Contracting Mechanisms (Contracting for Support, Service Provision, Contracting for Availability (CfA), Contracting for Capability (CfC))
  • Integrated Logistic Support Planning
  • In-Service Support
  • Materiel Support

Whether you are looking to deliver improvements to your existing supply chain; implement a solution that optimises your assets through life; or improve the way you currently contract and procure your assets; our specialists will work with you to transform your supply chain through the application of proven best practice in supply chain management techniques.