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Supportability Engineering

Making sure an asset is available and fit for use over its life cycle demands both a comprehensive support solution and the ability to respond to changing environmental factors with agility and flexibility often whilst facing significant resource constraints.

We deliver a range of Supportability Engineering and Asset Management services to our  Defence and Energy customers. Our experience spans a range of disciplines (management, technical, supply, commercial and financial) to develop and deliver support solutions that achieve the desired level of availability at minimum cost.

Whether you are looking to develop a support solution for a new asset; improve or sustain availability of an existing asset; or ensure you select and procure the most appropriate asset and support package from a range of options, our specialists can support you in achieving sustainable through life support solutions for your assets.


Our highly experienced Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and supply chain professionals are developing and implementing support strategies that achieve more efficient and effective acquisition and through life support at optimum cost. 

Reliability & Maintainability (R&M)

Our Reliability & Maintainability (R&M) specialists are delivering technical solutions that give our customers' confidence that assets are available at the point of need and over the complete life cycle.

 Technical Documentation

Safe and accurate operation and maintenance of assets is business critical. Our Technical Documentation services ensure correct use and maintenance of assets, with safety remaining paramount.

Contracting for Support

Delivering more intelligent contracting, our specialists have proven experience in delivering support solutions that ensure you work more efficiently and effectively with your customer and supply chain.

Supply Chain Management

Transforming the end to end supply and support chain through process improvement and proven best practice, enabling you to deliver your outputs with increased confidence and optimised inventories.