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Aviation Support Services

A key issue for any proposed wind energy development is its potential impact on the surrounding air traffic management (ATM) and aviation landscape and operations. Indeed, objections from these stakeholders can impact a development not only during the planning phase, but also throughout the project's life cycle.

Extant Civil Aviation Authority guidance recommends that developers engage with aviation stakeholders at the earliest opportunity. Our aviation and ATM specialists have extensive operational and senior management experience of military and civilian ATM and aviation operations and associated infrastructure at local and national levels.

LSC Group delivers aviation support services to both wind energy developers and environmental consultants, alike, bringing not only substantial operational experience of the associated landscape, but also the ability to engage at senior levels within Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation Authority and National Air Traffic Services.

Working with customers such as SSE Renewables and ABO Wind (UK) Ltd, LSC Group provides a host of capabilities including:

  • Air traffic management and aviation consultancy.
  • Initial scoping and detailed aviation assessment and reporting.
  • Radar modelling, assessment and reporting.
  • Aviation stakeholder management strategies and engagement.
  • Project services and support to enable wind energy development and delivery.

LSC Group understands that wind energy developers require robust data and information to inform wider project-related decisions. Combined with our extensive Project Management expertise, we deliver technical solutions for wind energy projects and developments, complementing wider LSC Group technical and non-technical support to our customers.