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Modelling & Simulation

Complexity and uncertainty are common in every industry, and so understanding the factors that have affected past, and are likely to affect future, business performance is critical.

Powerful techniques to review, predict and test real-life scenarios are enabling businesses to better understand cost and performance drivers - aiding more effective decision making.

Our modelling & simulation specialists are delivering modelling solutions to a range of industries, tackling a number of key business challenges, solving both strategic and tactical problems. Using both commercial and bespoke tools we are helping our customers to structure and exploit business information to improve decision making.

Our experience includes: 

  • Business Process modelling
  • Reliability & Maintainability (R&M)
  • Whole life costing
  • Cost and operational effectiveness modelling
  • System performance modelling
  • Future spares/sparing requirements
  • Simulation of complex operations
  • Optimised Resource Planning and Resource Optimisation
  • Options Analysis & Investment Appraisal
  • Monte Carlo simulation

Whether you are looking to understand how a budget reduction will impact performance, what the optimum sparing strategy is to reduce cost but maintain availability or what is the minimum fleet size to achieve strategic objectives, our specialists can work with you to deliver a one off or truly embedded modelling solution.