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Improving the pace of Collaboration at Network Rail

Improving the pace of Collaboration at Network Rail
Improving the pace of Collaboration at Network Rail

LSC Group has been awarded a contract with Network Rail to improve collaboration and information sharing through the delivery of a Collaborative technology product, Mezzanine, powered by Oblong Industries.

In pursuit of change, Network Rail recognised the challenges faced during the consultation or decision making processes, where wider stakeholder participation is critical and vital information in support of those decisions is easily captured and shared.

Having looked to innovative technologies to improve both visibility and collaboration in support of business critical processes, Network Rail selected LSC Group to deliver a revolutionary collaborative platform, Mezzanine.

Already re-designing the way the S&C Alliance is working together in their Crewe depot, Mezzanine removes the constraints of the traditional meeting room empowering the Alliance to work more collaboratively not only with each other but also with wider stakeholders regardless of geography, systems and technology.

A two year contract was awarded in July, with the first Mezzanine installed at the Switches and Crossings Alliance Crewe depot. A further 5 systems will be rolled out across the UK.

So what does this mean for Network Rail?

Commenting on the latest innovation Steve Wyatt, LSC Group Managing Director said, “This is a game changing piece of technology for Network Rail, supporting them in achieving a range of strategic objectives. Safety remains their number one priority and this technology; able to handle multiple connections from multiple locations including live video feeds, reduces the need for frontline staff to go onto the railway infrastructure to capture information about their assets. The technology delivers further benefits by enabling them to work across the industry supply chain more collaboratively, automatically generating efficiencies and allowing them to continually improve every day”.

The technology has enhanced planning and supports the delivery of improved services.
• Stakeholders are more easily engaged –3rd party suppliers are now able to input to, and work with, planning documents regardless of systems and technologies
• Geographical boundaries are removed – participation without the need for extensive travel enabling meetings to happen as they are demanded
• Work in real-time with all stakeholders – even those unable to be in the room can join virtually and access the documents via the web browser on either secure corporate or non-corporate networks or via the iPad or iPhone apps
• 'Inclusivity' guaranteed without the need for investment on a common platform - come together on a platform that allows everyone to participate and interact regardless of technology
• Documents, photographs, text and whiteboard drawings from a meeting are held electronically, ready to be reopened at any time in the room or from any device or location
• Smoother transition and share of critical information during project lifecycle – whether information flowing from planning to delivery or maintenance teams, documented plans alongside other information built up during key activities can be handed over more effectively, reducing risk and improving service quality
• A large viewing area with multiple data sources, easy manipulation of the information view, equal participation from everyone concerned, allows everyone to see the bigger picture and make better decisions

Looking further to the future, LSC Group is already considering ways other technologies can interact with the Mezzanine technology – currently working to bring live feeds from track worker's helmet cameras into the system, reducing the amount of people out on track and therefore reducing the number one safety concern of people being struck by trains.

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