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 UK Apache Attack Helicopter - Integrated Operation Support (IOS) A4 / A5
 UK Apache Attack Helicopter - Logistic Support Solution A4 / A5
Hercules and TriStar - Collaborative Working and Financial Management A4 / A5
Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure (ECIT) - Risk Management A4 / A5
Submarine Operating Centre - SharePoint Technology A5
Log NEC - Governance and Financial Management of projects A5 
Submarine Operating Centre - Collaborative Working A4 / A5
RAF LITS - Programme A5
EDF Energy - Enhancing Nuclear Outage Planning at Hinkley Point A4 / A5
ConocoPhillips - Transforming Risk Management practices for a major offshore project at ConocoPhillips A4 / A5
Centrica Storage - Reliability Modelling A4 / A5
DS&TE - Process Improvements to Transform Service Delivery A4 / A5
DS&TE - Follow on work A4 / A5
Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure (ECIT) - MSPe A5
Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure (ECIT) - Programme Management A4 / A5
Expeditionary Campaign Infrastructure (ECI) - Requirements Management A4 / A5
Queen Elizabeth Class - Modelling & Simulation A4 / A5 
Queen Elizabeth Class - Cost Modelling  A4 / A5 
Queen Elizabeth Class - Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) A4 / A5 
Queen Elizabeth Class - Technical Documentation  A4 / A5 
Queen Elizabeth Class - Information Knowledge Management  A4 / A5
Air Commodities Team (ACT) - Business Analysis  A4 / A5
Air System Data Assurance - Air Systems Data Quality and Assurance  A4 / A5
Technical Data Assurance - Techncial Data Quality and Assurance A4 / A5
Japanese Earthquake Response (JER) Programme - Through Life Management A4 / A5
Defence Information Infrastructure (Future) (DII(F)) Programme Support Solution - Through Life Management A4 / A5