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LSC Group Events

January 2015

Defence Logistics Europe, 27th - 28th January


LSC Group are attending Defence Logistics Europe 2015. The event will examine strategies to maximise supply chain management efficiency and advancement. The aim of the event is to discuss what initiatives Europe's leading defence, military logistics and procurement professionals are implementing to optimise international logistic collaborations between organisations in order to minimise costs and drive operational effectiveness.

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Scottish Renewables Offshore Wind Conference, 27th - 28th January


LSC Group are attending the Scottish Renewables Offshore Wind Conference 2015. This annual exhibition event attracts over 800+ participants and 50+ exhibitors to discuss the future of Scotland's offshore wind industry. If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of representatives at the event then please get in touch -

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February 2015

ADS Maritime Capability Industry Briefing, 4th February


As part of LSC Group's continued involvement in the Maritime sector, they will be attending the ADS Maritime Capability Industry Briefing. The aim of this event is to advise the development of maritime capability, the equipment needed and support priorities, strategies and associated research to help industry anticipate future requirements, identify common interests and provide the best possible levels of industrial support.

The programme will include:

  • The Maritime Environment and Strategy
  • The Equipment Programme
  • DE&S Ships and Submarines
  • Industry Engagement

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March 2015

Defence Support and Logistics Conference 2015


LSC Group have been asked to speak at the Defence Support and Logistics Conference 2015, on "Transforming the support programme for UK Apache Attack Helicopter".

Through transformational changes in defence structures, roles and responsibilities under Future Force 2020, the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom will provide a very different logistics model than now. By March 2015, and as a direct result of the FinMil Cap Transformation Programme, the Front Line Commands and Joint Force Command will have established a strong customer focus and the bespoke trading model adopted by DE&S will have been in place for a year. In parallel, the three year programme to change how the DE&S does business will be in full swing including the establishment of a much more business like relationship with both this customer base and defence suppliers.

Driving value into the support and logistics programme and a continued reduction in the size and value of the defence inventory, while retaining the ability to efficiently and effectively support the unexpected - which is the nature of contingency operations, will demand new approaches and business models. The future will be characterised by innovative thinking and a shared understanding of the risks, opportunities and the challenges that must be considered, managed, and overcome.

This symposium is for everyone who has an interest in the Defence Support and Logistics and the associated processes including MOD, Industry and Academia. Throughout the event there will be ample time allocated to network and continue the discussions. Over two focused days and drawing on the experience and views of expert speakers, delegates will be able to develop their understanding of how the UK MOD will be transforming its business models.

For more information on the event please take a look at the website -

Infrastructure Asset Management, 16th - 18th March 


With roots in Asset Management, LSC Group is attending and speaking at the Infrastructure Asset Management Exchange event taking place on 16 - 18 March 2015.

This annual event brings together leading Asset Management professionals, discussing the issues that are at the front of mind of those with the mandate and power to design, orchestrate, and improve asset management strategy across their business.

LSC Group continues to solve asset management, information and enterprise collaboration problems for it's customers - applied thinking that delivers tangible and sustainable results. With demonstrable experience of supporting complex assets in highly regulated environments - from submarines, through critical infrastructure, to nuclear power generation plants - LSC has a unique combination of Through-Life Systems Engineering expertise, Data and IKM know-how and Systems Integration capability. Investing in technologies and technical consulting capabilities to deliver specialist solutions to a range of customers, LSC Group's range of services includes, Lifecycle Engineering and Costing, Risk Management, Data Services (from data acquisition, quality and cleansing through to exploitation, analytics and visualisation services), Systems Integration and IM solution development.

Working with industry standards, LSC Group adopts a PAS55/ISO55000 approach to the delivery of asset management solutions.

Dr Tim King, Principal Consultant, LSC Group, will be speaking at the event on Wednesday 18th March - 15:25pm - 15:55pm on 'Building a Comprehensive Data Strategy'.

If you would like further information around LSC Group's Asset Management Capabilities please get in touch -

The Infrastructure Asset Management Exchange event is an exclusive invitation only event, for more information please visit the website - 

April 2015

Defence Information 2015, 15th - 16th April


LSC Group will be exhibiting at Defence Information 2015. Building on the previous highly successful symposia, Defence Information 2015 will again be jointly presented by the UKCeB and Cranfield University and held at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom on 15th and 16th April 2015. Defence continues to undergo major transformational change, along with the continued adoption of cross-governmental Public Sector policies and joint initiatives such as the Defence Growth Partnership, all of which present significant opportunities and challenges for secure sharing and exploitation of information, and use of good quality data, across the Defence enterprise.

The event will challenge and inform on these business-led initiatives and the underpinning information enablement requirements, capturing some key experiences of users from land, sea and air and from outside of Defence.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives during the event please get in touch -

For more information on the event or to book your place, please take a look at the website -